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When I discovered that I had the skill to write, I optimized.

I optimized SO hard that my articles got shorter and shorter. It got to a point where I wasn’t learning anymore. I wasn’t excited about the content I was creating. My readers were not getting the information they wanted. I was writing just to get it out of the way.

When I started writing for myself, I felt like I was back in college. Content had to be cited, researched and had a word minimum. AND I had to optimize and plan the content strategy.

Now, I’m taking…

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In February 2020, my partner and I packed everything and moved to Massachusetts to pursue a tech start-up career. A month later, everything shut down, and my job prospects dried up. I was forced to work part-time at a gas station and started networking around for jobs. Luckily, my first client came when I was casually looking for freelance work.

I got obsessed with growing and working 12+ hour-long days.

It was so overwhelming that I shut down and watched more Netflix than I needed to. What I really needed was to have some clarity on what I was going…

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In spring 2019, I was an intern at the Wisconsin Bike Federation (the Bike Fed, we affectionately called it). Then, I partnered with a local non-profit at the end of my internship.

My internship supervisor told me that the Urban Ecology Center approached us to host a “Bike + Bite” event. My supervisor was too busy to commit but assigned me instead. She knew that I had a background in event planning, PR, and social media. At the time, I didn’t see the potential for fulfilling the event as she wanted.

I met with Meghan, one of the coordinators at…

With the pandemic of 2020, the world relied on digital technology. Hundreds of businesses shut down. The companies that are surviving are in the digital world. For most, it can be the Wild West. It gets overwhelming, and performance suffers. Repercussions can be costly, and you wasted time and money on things that don’t bring results.

To execute, you need to know how much time, energy, discipline, and budget you can spend on your content. Even if you’re testing strategies, consistency and pacing is vital. Doctors will say, “you don’t eat the week’s meals on a Sunday.” The same concept…

I love creating goals. Unfortunately, it can be debilitating to try and achieve those goals. I know there are other people out there who feel the same way. It’s easy to want that end goal. Getting there is the hard part.

Managing yourself with discipline is my biggest struggle. Being a solopreneur, you have to run everything; finances, marketing, sales, and the list go on. Practice rebelling against yourself!

woman on her iphone

Why am I essentially telling you that you shouldn’t hire me?

It’s not that simple to hire someone to do

I’ve chatted with many small business owners. It’s not as simple to make Facebook ads to collect leads and make sales. You need to understand your market and customer journey and your ability to close deals. Once you intimately understand your customer wants and needs, you can sell your services/products that much better.

To start, you have to know the basics of what a marketing funnel is. It’s merely a top-down process where leads enter the top and sales “exit”…


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